Harmony Hub Drvice Sensors?

I just wondeeed if anybody has sensors set for their televisions using a harmony hub.

My home setup currently I have 2 televisions in my living room. I run a hdmi splitter to display the same signal to both if I want. I use a hdmi selector box to change hdmi signals to the 2nd TV . Just so you all don’t think I’m crazy the 2nd smaller tv has a frame around it mounted in the opposite wall and I can either mirror what ever is on tv. Usually I use this during sport broadcasts so you can sit in the kitchen at the snack bar and still watch the game if we have company over. Or I can change it to display family photos etc.

My harmony hub controls both TVs and most of the time if I use my input Boolean to turn on or off the TVs it works and shuts them both down. But sometimes either they are out of sync and one goes on and one stays off then the other one will turn off but one will turn on.

Or in HA the TV will be on but the Boolean will be off still.

So I was thinking maybe a sensor on each tv will solve that problem.

Does anybody use anything similar?

Harmony doesn’t do two way communications, it just assumes something is on/off from when it last controlled it so direct monitoring is out of the equation.

Simplest way of doing it is if they are smart tvs you should either be able to use an HA media player component to detect their state or detect them joining or leaving your network using the HA device tracker.

If not, you could use power monitoring from the likes of Sonoff POWs or similar, obviously when they are on they’ll draw more power so you can set up a sensor to detect that.

Thanks Bobby, that makes sense