Harmony Remote Lag since 0.106.0b0

Anyone else having a lag when sending multiple harmony hub commands in a row?

I was previously on version 0.105.5 and had no issues with the Harmony Hub integration. I recently upgraded to 0.106.5 and there’s a 1 second delay when sending multiple commands in a row. The first sends immediately, any after that have the 1 second delay. This issue was first introduced in 0.106.0b0.

I’ve tried using delay_secs: 0. delay_secs: 0.1, etc. All take 1 second. When I use delay_secs 5, it does take 5 seconds between commands.

I even modified the component code and anything less than 1 second still has a second delay.

This can be reproduced through developer tools/services. Here’s my info that I’m sending.

Service is remote.send_command
Entity is remote.family
Service data is:
entity_id: remote.family
device: AV Receiver
command: VolumeDown

It’s not just harmony see Delay in tuya