Harmony remote without hub turned on?

In attempting to reduce dramatically the “phantom” power usage around the home, my harmony hub is on a tasmota plug which I am considering turning off at times it us unlikely to be in use.

This does raise the possibility of the hub being turned off when I use my harmony companion or 950 remotes. If these remotes send out signals that can be picked up in other ways, I could wake up the hub by turning the plug on in an automation. My hub connects to the WiFi so not sure how the remotes interact.

Is it RF, bluetooth??

I have a RF hub and also pick up ble in home assistant.

It may even be that the remotes may be defined as devices in HA already, perhaps via ble, but I cannot see a recognisable name and have not proactively set up remotes myself. Any ideas?

your harmony entity will have a state other then ‘off’ if it’s being used. Prevent your plug to turn off with a condition for that.
Then add other automation when it’s turned off after xx:xxPM , turn off tasmota plug too.

Harmony remotes talk to thier hubs through RF. The hub does the IR retransmit.

Don’t turn off the hub. There’s better places to find phantom power draws.

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true that too :slight_smile:

Ok, will leave the harmony hub on