Harmony Remotes - Viable replacement that works well with HA?

I have several Harmony Ultimate Remotes with the puck shaped hub. The software has been stagnant for years and support will eventually be pulled by Logitech (I am so mad at them for killing the line!). I was wondering what other HA users opted for to control a small number of devices which typically are a mix of these devices: TV, Roku, AV Receiver Amp, Nintendo Switch, Projector, PlayStation.

I would like to retain a remote to change programming and volume but am open to alternatives to set everything up to the right inputs, settings, etc for whatever the user wants (Harmony’s Activity). Obviously the more integrated to HA it is, the better…

I am not sure I want to go down the path of ESPHome mainly because I would have to manually record all commands to send and deal with YAML with every little change versus the more streamlined Harmony app configuration based experience.

I’ve read of a few remotes, like the Sofabaton, intended to fill the gap but am not sure on which one is winning the race. Any feedback?

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I have roku on all TVs

Roku controls receiver,tv qnd projector over cec or IR. If i need to switch input in receiver cec does this automatically or i can use HA integration.

Broadlink is the main method people opt for i believe

Thanks for the input (pun intended :wink: ). All my Rokus are external and I may have turned CEC off as in the past I believe it caused issues with hijacking inputs that would cause the Harmony Remote to be out of sync with the settings of the devices causing mayhem when you tried to control something.

I have a Broadlink that I use to control my rangehood fan and light, but am in the process of converting that to an ESPHome device to keep it fully local (and geek out) and eliminate the app (with all the frenzy about Chinese apps syphoning data back to China I figured it would not hurt to just get rid of it).

But something to think about…

I have held off replacing my harmony remotes to see if this materialises, HA support is specifically mentioned. Supported devices

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@nicp The “Unfolded Circle Remote Two” looks really nice, too bad the name they picked is just a tongue twister that nobody will remember… Anyhow, I’ll keep an eye open on that brand.

My frustration is my Harmony Remote connects to my Dish Hopper and Joey boxes via IP.

It literally is the ONLY device I have found that connects via IP and is the most reliable way to control them.

Sidebar: I have all my boxes centrally located, and it is not reliable to use the remotes due to distance. I have looked for other solutions, but so far the best solutions are the Dish App on a phone and the Harmony.

I am pissed as well.

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Can those IP controlled devices be controlled from Home Assistant? If so you could build (or convert) an ESP based IR receiver that forwards IR commands to HA that will then control via IP. A bit hacky but might work until a more direct solution comes along.

Well there is another thread bouncing around here with folks wanting to get to the devices and asked Dish for access to their API. No one has heard anything back. Dish is notorious for being fairly well locked down.

And this thread has now sent me down a rabbitt hole to look into this again.

Has anyone any experience with the ProControl remote?


They work through distributors, but there is plenty of secondary stock on eBay from what I can tell.

This remote looks very nice… I have the Logitech Harmony Elite Remote Control with hub. Great remote. But because they stop the production line this Unfolded Circle seems a good replacement.

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As with all cloud dependent devices, the only “safe” choice is the one that is most successful because low sales likely result in shutting down cloud support. While both look really intersting, I plan on adopting the one that the market “declares the winner”.

The One. And that is what remote? :slight_smile: