Has anybody an idea to use the lockActionEvent topic of the new nuki mqtt api?


I’ve setup the nuki mqtt api of the nuki sl3pro and thanks to auto discovery I get almost everything I want. But to see who has opened the door or has someone pushed the button I need to listen to the lockActionEvent.
So I’ve created an mqtt sensor with this topic. There I get comma separated numbers like this 4,2,0,0,0
The first number is the lockaction the second one is the trigger and so on. How can I manipulate the topic with a template to see this with text for example: Unlock by app of User and so on.
I know the meaning of the numbers, but how can I translate them for a Logbook card or notify actions.

Now it looks like this:

This isn’t very nice.

I know that there are some home assistant users wich use the mqtt api, perhaps someone can help me.

Thanks a lot.

Hey there… You get your Nuki SmartLock 3.0 Pro into your HA installation?
How did you do this?

I failed by trying this…

you can setup mqtt with the newest firmware of the lock and the beta version of the mobile app.

The newest Firmware is installed already…
But… How to get the Beta App? (I use an iPhone)

Here is the link for the TestFlight app

Thank you…

Hey, maybe you found it after so much time… the values are difened on the API 1.4, available on the nuki developer forum.
Here’s an extract I used as a cheatsheet: