Has anybody extracted data from this unit?

Wireless 0-50/100/200/300A Voltage Current Watt Power Combo DC Meter Ammeter

I purchased two of this units some time ago, and just couple of days ago I opened one, and found it has 4 pins contacts similar a serial connection. I am not expert on serial communication nor know how to access it, but I guess it can be connected somehow to an adapter and get the data from the shunt.

Anybody with experience on how to do it?
I’m going to publish photos of its ports on a following post. Maybe someone knows what to use to test it, hopefully it’s RS485 compatible!

It’s bluetooth between the shunt module and remote display. You could probably sniff this with an ESP32 and report the values via mqtt or ESPhome API. Would take a bit of reverse engineering though.

Nice looking unit. I could use two to monitor my comms rack 5V and 12V power supplies. %5 accuracy for current is only just ok though.