Has anybody set up Magic Home Pro with Home Assistant?

I’m looking into replacing my star-heaven fiberlight light source with this one:

I currently have it set up with an RF based light source, and that works ok, but it’s difficult to use the colours of it, or patterns, as I can’t figure out how to add the ‘effects’ list to a template light.

So I was considering switching to the above linked light, but it has this Magic Home Pro app to control it, and the seller’s support team is dense like sand, so I can’t get a straight answer on what chip is inside the thing (if it’s flashable at all).
But it’s rather expensive at $200+ so it would be nice to know if it will work before buying it :slight_smile:

I’ve also looked at this one:

And that uses smart life, so that can connect, but that’s only 16W which I think is too little.