Has anyone booting off an external (USB) SSD gotten 5.10 to work on a Raspberry Pi4? [YES]

I’ve seen several people have serious failures upgrading existing USB boot systems to 5.10.

I’m currently on 5.9 with an RPi 4GB, booting off an older USB2.0 drive. I really don’t want to spend the time trying to restore my system, but I haven’t seen anyone say they upgraded successfully.

I also don’t really feel like migrating from USB boot to SD+USB boot, since I’ve already got a working setup.

Edit: In case anyone else is looking, I went ahead and risked it (since I haven’t seen a glut of other issues), and my setup came right back up.

I assume I’m having less trouble than most because I’m just running an older USB2.0 adapter, so it’s more stable than the 3.0 adapters. At any rate, my system seems fine on 5.10 now!

So I wanted to start this thread in case anyone has had success, so we can narrow down what’s working and what isn’t.