Has anyone got a way to integrate Wasserstein products?

I just finally received 2 products from Wasserstein. I suspect they are both Tuya rebrands but not sure.
One is the Premium waterleak detector (includes temp/humidity sensors)
The other is the Wasserstein Aquapal (detects leakage and can shutoff mains water supply)

Anyway for a noob like me to integrate this into my HA instance? Maybe with Local Tuya? Is this reliable? Does it require cloud access?


i had configured them with the tuya smart life app and then used the tuya integration (not local tuya or tuya local) to get them into HA, but that has stopped working.

There’s a video that shows how to make a request to Tuya Local to add the integration… Haven’t done it yet though. Do you have the same products I do?

Here are the ones I got.

What’s the video, maybe I will try to see if I can implement it.

I got exactly those and I feel they work perfectly (although I’ve had them for only 2 weeks - do you have a longer install span and similar opinion?)
I also have the Wasserstein Aquapal Funny story, I backed this project like 3 years ago. Out of the blue I emailed them and they sent the final product to me lol

So the video is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apWfjargTpA

I’ve had them for 2 years. I think they were great because they could use AC power, made their own noise, and actually went back to dry as soon as the water went away.