Has anyone made a tsunami warning sensor?

I was looking to put a tsunami warning sensor in HA and I think the warning is available through an API. Before I research more, I was wondering if anyone has implemented this?


There is a GeoRSS sensor that you could use. That website provides at least two different feeds with geo information:

Thanks, I noticed the update interval was 1 hr which I will need to adjust. I setup the example and with the tsunami url but I can’t get a feed. I will look further into it.

The default update interval is 5 minutes, but you can change that using the scan_interval parameter which expects a numeric value in minutes.

When you look at the actual RSS feeds, there is at the moment only a single event in each of them (origin: Oaxaca, Mexico). The Geo RSS sensor filters events by distance from you to the event. The default radius is only 20km, so depending on where you are located and what distance to the event you consider important for you, you can adjust the value with the radius parameter.