Has anyone managed to get their washing machine into Home Assistant?

I have a Candy ROW61064DWMCE washer-dryer, which uses the “Simplifi” app to set it. This means that it should be possible to get home assistant to activate it, but I am not having much luck.

Any suggestions?

You can use some power meter instead and create automations with a few helper variables based on consumption.
I have done this with two Shelly Plugs both for my washer and dryer.

And he will need some contact sensors. But you can get any dumb appliance integrated in home assistant.

Does this help???


@anon94216691 & @ddaniel The washing machine already has WiFi.

@vreihen That repo looks tremendously interesting. I will absolutely give that a go.

Side note, I tried to contact Candy Hoover customer services, unfortunately to no avail. It would appear that Candy Hoover has not trained them sufficiently to answer unusual technical questions such as this, and has not put any senior technical staff in customer-facing roles. Their only response has been, “You must use our app,” which I find to be unacceptable.

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If you don’t succeed in integrating this with hacs integration posted above you can do it in the way I and @anon94216691 suggested. You need a smart plug for power monitoring and one or two contact sensors and one fingerbot.
I have dumb washing machine and I made it smart with this.
I understand that you bought washing machine with wifi and you want to have it integrated in home assistant, as it is in the app. But if this doesn’t work, you can try other solutions.

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I’ve found out that my Candy Washing Machine, has a ESP board.
I’ve been using this module but it’s kind of buggy. I tried to configure and alert via Alexa when the program finish but it works like 25% of the time

Not because of the HACS module, but the interaction with the ESP board and the machine itself. The whole system is not as well coded as other appliances.

This kind of systems have built-in security mechanisms to avoid, for example, hijacking over the Internet. They check if you are in the same Wifi not only SSID but host mac address. This makes them really messy depending on your net infrastrastrure.

What I would really LOVE, is a mechanism, to send my classic program once everything is set up through my HA app because the app is seriously disturbing. I have a specific program, that i have to configure via APP because the manual mode doesn’t have as many buttons (a combination on rising and some other elements), and sometimes I take almost 10 minutes to initiate such program because a ton of error messages appear on the App when sending the program (so badly coded as I mentioned). Every so often it becomes so tedious that I prefer to do this manually in two steps.

If one day I have time I will try to reverse engineer everything. The app is so shitty, that I doubt they have introduce any security measures to avoid listening to endpoints.

I set up my Hoover (Same as Candy/Haier) washer dryer up today, and figured the same thing. It’s not as smart as some other devices, it’s running an ESP module, and the app is terrible.

The other HACS integration does not support the Hoover Wizard (at least for my model) I see some work on sending HTTP commands to it, but nothing easy to follow. Did you make any progress?

@Ashley_T I have not had a chance to have a look at this yet, though I do intend to.

@ddaniel My unit has capacative buttons so afaik a push bot would not work. I also tried putting it on a smart socket and leaving it in wifi mode, but when you turn it off and on at the mains it displays “wifi not connected”. Because WiFi uses so much power.

@SirLouen That is jolly interesting, though as you say, if the quality of the app is anything to go by I doubt that the onboard software has been designed well either.

I would not purchase from CandyHoover again.