Has anyone solved the volume control via siri?

Hey everyone. Thought I’d bring this topic back up. As many of you know, there’s no direct intergration for volume control in Homekit. The way volume is accessed is via Apple’s Remote app - which doesn’t give me voice control via siri. In other words:

“Hey siri, set the den volume to 60%”

For a while now, I’ve played around with this:

Utilizing HA’s light template and simulating the volume control in siri as brightness levels in Homekit. I’ve had semi-success with this, but nothing ever consistent. Has anyone solved for this? It’s sort of the “last thing” remaining on my list that I’d love to control via HA (to Homekit). Would love to hear back from anyone who’s had success with this.

Hi @w00master Did you mange to find a solution for this. I am about to tackle it myself. I already have “light” devices in Home Assistant that I can use for room volume and say something like set brightness of room A volume to x%, but would prefer simply be able to say set room A volume to x%. Having the device as a light is also painful when you say turn room lights on as it can set the volume to 100% and frighten the heck out of people when they start watching TV,etc. TIA.

Hate to say this, but never did. I basically resorted in creating volume ranges in Node-red that I can call out via voice in Homekit. Not ideal, but it’s a workaround.

Any chance you would be able to share how you do this in node red? I think that could work for my needs… maybe.