Has anyone succeeded in installing Snips on echo dots to replace Alexa?

As the title states, has anyone been successful in flashing/hacking Amazon Echos/Echo Dots to run Snips? I have a few echo dots and I would like to replace alexa with snips in order to keep my entire setup local.

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I did find this blog post that vaguely describes how to get root access to the echo, but doesn’t give much detail as how you could go about replacing the entire os (Fire OS).

Also interested in this. The more I expand my Home Assistant setup the less I want to rely on the cloud, and I don’t want to let my echo or google home devices just go to waste.

I’d love to see this. I have an Echo Show 2 and some dots, it would be amazing to run Snips on the show and satellites on the dots. Did you guys find anything?

For first generation echos, it seems to be possible: https://github.com/echohacking/wiki

I notice that in the github link @b1ackra1n posted above now lists Echo and Echo2.

Has anyone tried this yet?

Very interested in this especially with google removing their open API will Amazon follow suit?? Plus its highly annoying when the internet drops out that you loose access to all voice control in the house!