Has anyone thought about using CDK to deploy Alexa HA integration from HA?

I’ve been looking at the manual instructions for the Alexa Smart Home integration and haaska thinking to myself; CDK could do pretty much all of this setup.

What CDK can’t do:

  • Create an AWS account
  • Create an Alexa developer account


  • After you make your accounts, all configuration is within HA
    • Those instructions are more about pressing buttons on AWS console than HA setup.
  • Updates to HA can trigger automated updates to skills and lambdas
    • Language updates are a common issue for long term maintenance

Open questions:

  • Should we give our local HA credentials to deploy a stack to AWS Cloud Formation? That might be too much power…
  • Complexities of deploying Alexa skills - but I found this AWS blog about CDK and Alexa skills post that might cover everything
  • Is this approach flexible enough to deal with different network configurations?
    • Example: which port have you opened on your router? do you have HTTPS set up?
  • Is this “too cloud integrated” or dependent for HA? Is this the right place? Or are there more integrations that could use this infrastructure?

Let me know what you all think!