Has anyone tried connecting a Nuki lock via Bluetooth with HA?

Hello @all :slight_smile:
Im thinking about buying a Nuki 2.0 or 3.0 lock. I know I can add the Lock via the Nuki Bridge to HA, but did anyone try conecting the lock via Bluetooth?
It would be alot cheaper then :wink:


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You can connect it to an esp32, that’s about 10-20 Euro depending on where you order it. There is an MQTT image for it, look here:


It’s working very well for me

Thanks I will check it out.

shouldn’t it be possible to connect the Nuki directly to HA since it now supports Bluetooth?
(I can’t get it working… but I assumed it should work)

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Thats the same question I was wondering. But I think it is not supported yet. I dont have a lock to test it. I will wait till black friday I guess to see if I can get a good Deal :slight_smile:

@Marco4 on the github page under support you can get a code about 30€ direct on the nuki page.

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Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

Yes, I have had it working in HA via Bluetooth. I say it was as I decided to change my bluetooth adapter and now having a nightmare but I will not let it beat me.

How did you get it working directly from HA,i only can find it as a ibeacon tracker, i am searching for the same solution

I had it working through homekit at somepoint, now im moving towards the esp32 nuki hub, as I had to move the raspberry and the lock is out of the bluetooth range now.

HKC also is/was completely unreliable.

  • On HA restart (at least on HA OS reboot) I had to re-integrate the lock(s)
  • Status update is unreliable, often not updated at all (physical distance is now issue)
  • Limited features due to… Apple

Still trying to migrate to the Nuki Hub too @ NUKI Hub firmware for the ESP32 - #200 by e-raser.