Has anyone used the Ikuu Zigbee range of switches with HA successfully?

Hi everyone

I’ve recently decided to take a plunge into HA and am loving it so far, but I haven’t had a chance to set up any proper automations yet since we still have dumb lights, so that was going to be the next thing I was going to automate.

Where I live, we aren’t allowed to play with electrical stuff, so I need to get everything I want the electrician to install ready before the electrician comes out. Long story short, we need something that can still be controlled manually, and preferably locally, so it’s come down to either Shelly relays or some Ikuu Zigbee smart switches found here)

I don’t have any Zigbee devices yet, and we like the idea of them so were leaning towards it, but looking at Blakadder’s Zigbee list, it looks like only the single and quad gang version are definitely available to work. These switches do appear to be a rebranded Tuya, so there’s a possibility something like this will work, but my main concern is spending all this money on switches and the electrician only to find out it won’t work.

My question I have is if anyone has managed to use the Ikuu Zigbee range and had much luck with it? If so, did you use Z2MQTT or ZHA? I found a single post from July 2021 saying they got it working with a Conbee II stick, but if it does work for you, I’d be happy to get a different coordinator, since I don’t have anything zigbee yet

I’m also very new to HA and never done anything like this, so if there’s another way to know that the zigbees will work 100% that I don’t know of, that’d be great!

Thanks in advanced!

You have two option
Option one: Connect all ikuu devices using “Smart Life App”

  • Use home assistant Tuya (cloud) integration

Option two: Connect all ikuu devices using “Smart Life App”

  • Use home assistant LocalTuya integration
    (this will give you local control) LocalTuya setup

You can find my finding about Mercator ikuu

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I was under the impression for the zigbee range you could use a local zigbee controller, then either zigbee2mqtt or zha and not have to deal with tuya stuff in general?

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Chances are the devices are already supported by either ZHA/z2m. However, the only way to be sure is testing. Identical Tuya devices might have a different internal model/manufacturer IDs causing them not to be recognized automatically. The internal Tuya model ID/manufacturer ID bears no resemblance to whatever the seller prints on the box.

The devs/community are fairly responsive. If not already supported, odds are virtually 100% they will be if you’re willing to open a github ticket, supply logs and help test. For simple switch/sensors, often all that is needed is adding new IDs to an already existing converter(z2m) or quirk(ZHA).

If they have a decent return policy, buy one of each item you’re interested in and set them up on a test bench. If they don’t, shop elsewhere.

The problem is that here in Australia, we can’t do any electrical work without a licenced electrician. I don’t want to spend money on an ikuu product and get the electrician out and everything only to find it doesn’t work, as that’ll be a huge waste of money - hence I was seeing if anyone has had any luck already so know if it’ll work or not

Yeah, I’ve looked at that Australian device thread before. AU laws seem crazy in this regard.


You don’t have to install in the wall. Bench test. Cut the plug off an old unused appliance, extension cord, pc power supply cord, etc, and use to power the device temporarily. No one will be the wiser, unless big brother positions the x-ray satellites over your home during the 10 minutes it will take to test.

Yeah, AU laws are crazy in that regard :stuck_out_tongue:. And while true, I’m not a tinkerer - unfortunately I’ve never done anything like that before and aren’t really comfortable enough to do it and know I’ll be doing it right without messing something up :stuck_out_tongue:

I have tested and works fine with ZHA

I’m using a whole bunch of ZIGBEE IKUU walter downlights, they work great in HA
just starting a migration over from the IKUU app now for the switches

it’s a weird combination having both smart switches and smart bulbs, but, I have a plan!

Note, avoid the WIFI Tuya stuff , always use zigbee where possible to avoid cloud issues

Hi, I want to use smart downlights with a smart rotary dimmer switch (to replace old switch + dimmer set-up) for on/off and brightness. The set-up supports: ZHA app controlled and/or wall switch controlled, doesn’t require batteries (i.e. is wired in) and fits Australian switch plates.
As a rotary dimmer I am experimenting with a wired in Ikuu Zigbee Rotary Dimmer Switch SSWRM-ZB. Device credentials are: TS0601 | _TZE200_a0syesf5.
Idea is to read a push button or rotary switch action and then send as signal to smart downlights. I connected the device to ZHA (tried as device “light” (native config) or device “switch”) - however, in either ZHA set-up I can’t read a state for the underlying attributes. Also tried Zigbee2MQTT - but the device is not supported yet.
Does anyone know how to read the switch attributes or whether there is an adapter or quirk already for this?

may not help a lot - but where I’d start

set the logs to debug in zigbee2mqtt
and install mqttexplorer

I’m quite clueless in the actual stuff - but it looks like it’s just capturing some packets of data and pasting those into a template

i’d find other zigbee dimmers to see how they work in z2m, then it’s likley you can simply copy/paste your captured data into a renamed already working dimmer

Where do you live? I may be able to help with the electrical bit if in Sydney).

Thank you for the link @bleugh … I will explore this a bit. I am currently on ZHA, but may need to switch to Z2M then.

Thank you @llundberg … I’m fine with wiring it up, want to use it as a wired-in controller only … not really as an actual dimmer for the circuit … however, I can’t yet read the attributes properly to control downlights via HA.

Im looking at getting this as well, as the wife is not happy that she has to use her phone to dim lights as i have zigbee dimmer module behind the switch. Im hoping this will solve the problem. im just a bit confused how this would work. I would still need something to turn on the dimmable lights then this with this device the wife can dim or i can dim from with HA?

One more in the queue here to confirm if it works with Z2M/HA =)

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I’ve just installed 4 of the Mercator Ikuu Zigbee Fan Controllers. AC Fan Controller | Ikuü
The integration with HA works perfectly, I can turn lights on and off, change the speeds, turn the fan off. So far it hasn’t missed a beat. However using the physical buttons on the switch to change speeds or turn the light on or off will often result in the switch flashing white, and then resetting and turning both the fan and lights off. So far Mercator hasn’t been much help other then saying I need a HUB.
Has anyone resorted to using the mercator hub and then linking HA to the hub? Can the hub be connected as a local tuya device?

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Thanks for starting this thread. I found it while reaching whether I wanted to try putting these switches in an apartment I was moving into. I’ve got them in now and while I did need to get an electrician to replace the existing wall switch plates and wire in the Mercator Ikuu 2 gang switches that I wanted, he seemed to have no trouble with it. And I can even confirm that they work perfectly as I non smart switches as well because I had to use them like that for a while while trying to get my HA system running again in the new place. Once I was ready, they were really easy to set up in the ZHA integration using the ZigBee antenna I already had for HA, no interaction with another app Or anything required. I had to try a few times to pair each one but it wasn’t terrible and could be to do with my own ZigBee network. HA detects each switch in the 2 gang as a light entity and that works perfectly. I’d definitely recommend them for turning non smart lights into smart lights. Especially for fittings where replacing each globe would be expensive or impossible (where smart versions don’t exist like for the track lighting in my kitchen)

I’m in Melbourne Australia and ordered the switches from SmartGuys online, they were pretty quick and well priced:
[Mercator Ikuu Zigbee 2 Gang Switch (SSW02G)]


Sorry for the basic question, but can I use my existing Mercator IKUU Pro Hub (SGW003) via Home Assistant, or do I need to buy a new Zigbee USB controller?

I can’t see any zigbee devices in my dashboard.

I’m sure this is likely a silly question is well, but if I go and buy a four gang switch, can I use HA to program different responses to button presses? ie, a press and hold, a double press, etc.? What I am looking for is a multi-gang set of switches that can also do dimming, but I am assuming that cannot be programmed afterwards?