HAS OS corrupting regularly?

Hi. My first post on this community !
I’m running HAS core-2021.8.8 on an ODROID-N2+ with 4GByte RAM. And a 128GB eMMC Module N2 Linux.
I flashed via balenaetcher.
It’s connected to my modem/router via Ethernet cable.
And only setup a few things via Web interface. That’s : file editor., home assistant google drive backup, node red, check home assistant configuration, has homekit bridge, 3 shelly devices through the has shelly integration. And the ios mobile app.

So evey couple of days the device becomes unresponsive.
I cannot acsess it via the Web or IOS app.
Nor access the devices via homekit.

I’ve had to re flash the drive each time and reload the last snapshot.

I’d paste a log file if I knew which one was relevant. And how I could get to the log file.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Have you tried plugging HDMI cable to a monitor and see the logs when you cannot access HA?

Not yet.
But what command to pull up the logs?

If an error comes up during the boot process, it will be shown directly.

The next time it happen, you can copy the logs here and see if someone can know how to deal with it. However, if no one knows, you can open an issue on the official HA Github page (either OS, Supervisor, or Core) depending on the error logs.

Thanks for the advice.
I’ve got monitor and keyboard.

No errors on the screen.

Checked the ha> resolution info
But no issues there.

Is it connected to the internet while booting up? You might also want to check out this-

Is connect to fixed line Ethernet while booting. Yes. I’ll look into that thanks.