HA's strategy is to replace yaml configuration with UI? Can we keep yaml?

While it is more convenient to use Web UI to configurate integrations, YAML do have its place …

I maintain a bunch of HA instances including my home, my development and test, my parents, my brother, offices, and a couple of friends. I used to test out my integration in my test instance before copy my yaml entries (configuration) to different production instance with minor changes (this step can be further automated with tools). However, I will need to configure all the production instance manually, one by one, if I can only use Web UI.

Did I miss anything? Is there a better way to “distribute” my configurations to multiple instances? Otherwise, I think it is a better design if the yaml option can be kept, or if the Web UI can generate yaml files (something like the automations.yaml) which I can copy and paste. It is also much easier to share my configurations with the others if it is in a yaml format.

HA devs have always maintained that YAML will always be an option for those that want it.

The decision has been made. Automations will continue to use yaml, configuration has been moved to the GUI.

Are you being serious or was that meant to be tongue-in-cheek?

If you were being serious I think you may have somehow missed a lot lately.

YAML is intentionally going away for most integration configurations. And it will not even be allowed as an option for any new integrations going forward whether the developer wants it or not.

Other than that, then YAML is here to stay! :laughing:

Sorry I was being a complete ass actually. Referencing how the devs originally told us that Yaml wasn’t going anywhere and then pulled a complete 180 on that.

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I thought you may have had a bit of Rumpelstiltskin going on there. :laughing:

I’m old but not THAT old… well, maybe… What was the question again?

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Your UI generated config turns up as JSON in .storage/ - you can, with care, clone entries over. Just ensure you do it with HA stopped and validate the JSON (with tools like jq) before starting HA again. Oh, and if you break it, hopefully you’ve got a backup :wink:

The topic of YAML has already spawned many threads, all of which have covered that ground already. If you’re curious about it go and read those. Further why can’t we jump to an alternative reality conversation will just get this thread closed before it too descends into pitchforks and insults.

You’re the admin, close it!

Eh, if folks want to ask about how to safely clone the JSON that’s reasonable. As long as it doesn’t stray onto the but YAML! path I’m happy to leave it.

I mean… maybe folks will be reasonable this time around? :joy:


Oh we haven’t had one of these posts for months.

Sharpen thy pitchforks boys and girls


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I love the unwarranted optimism