Hass Agent fault

Continuing the discussion from HASS.Agent: Windows client to receive notifications, use commands, sensors, quick actions and more!:

Anyone has this fault:

RuntimeError: Detected that custom integration ‘hass_agent’ calls hass.async_create_task from a thread other than the event loop, which may cause Home Assistant to crash or data to corrupt. For more information, see Thread safety with asyncio | Home Assistant Developer Docs at custom_components/hass_agent/init.py, line 147: hass.async_create_task(handle_apis_changed(hass, entry, apis)). Please report it to the author of the ‘hass_agent’ custom integration

With this version, Home Assistant has become more strict against integrations that do things the wrong way, and this is one of them. It is programmed in a way that causes problems for the performance and stability of HA. You should report this at the github repository of the person that made the integration.

That integration is doing bad things. You need to remove it and put in an issue to the author…