HASS Agent Integration - Add New PC

Hi, i have installed HASS agent on a PC and the integration on my HA setup, all good and communicating via MQTT. I’ve just added Agent to a second PC and can’t get HA to find it. It’s reporting on MQTT explorer so it is connected to the broker, and ‘auto discoer’ new devices is turned on in the integration.

I’ve restarted the integration and HA but still no luck. Can anyone help me with where else i should look?

Thanks, Ian.

EDIT - here is the log from Agent:

Ended up removing and reinstalling HASS intergration, and both devices were discovered. Not how its supposed to go but it worked!


I’m not sure if this is required but I have separate long lived API tokens for each machine along with distinct device names.

Yeah thats how i did it too. Strange!

Why have I not searched the community, first. It would have saved me so much time:

  1. Remove any previously discovered HASS Agents from Devices and Services in Home Assistant.
  2. Reboot Home Assistant.

Prerequisite: make sure all hass agents are active on every Windows machine you’re trying to discover.

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