HASS.Agent MQTT broker problems

A strange combination of HA MQTT integration and HASS.Agent MQTT broker connections:

Here’s the situation:

  1. HA MQTT Integration can connect to my local MQTT Broker via it’s 172…-IP address only, but not via it’s 192…-IP address.

  2. Testing with MQTTX confirm both IP addresses work equally elsewhere.

  3. HASS.Agent MQTT configuration can’t connect to either of those IP addressess (yes, the port is correct and opened), it only connects succesfully when using ‘localhost’ as broker.

  4. While having the above mentioned (working) options selected on both, everything is seemingly connected.

  5. However almost nothing sent via MQTT works between these two things (HA and HASS.Agent), EXCEPT sending defined HA sensor commands from HASS.Agent to HA, those work perfectly every time. So HASS.Agent to HA direction seems to work, but only for commands

  6. Nothing from HA can be sent to HASS.Agent host, and nothing defined in HASS.Agent is autodiscovered on HA side.

What could be the cause of this, the logs show nothing? HASS.Agent logs show everything connected. HA shows no errors. Yet, information is not flowing.

I assume this is the mosquitto add-on ?

Checked Windows firewall ?

Sorry, some additional information:
I have a Mosquitto broker running on a Docker installation, on same NAS as I have my HA instance on.

Windows firewall is checked, no effect here.

Still some additional information / weird things happening:

When checking the broker, messages from HASS.Agent all flow nicely and are received in the broker. Nothing, including discovery still comes through to Home Assistant.

Except: when using the “re-configure MQTT” menu to monitor homeassistant/# some occasional messages come through, an odd “online”, “offline” here and there, but not all of them. How is this even possible???

Well, still talking to myself, but I’m happy to report it started working now.
Don’t really understand why it did not work, or why it suddenly started working…I literally changed nothing, only deleted, re-added, reloaded, reconfigured etc basically everything in random orders, and with the latest go it just started working :slight_smile: