HASS app on Android 6

I have two tablets (Lenovo) running Android 6. On both of them the HASS application is crashing over and over. App starts but after a while I ge the “Home Assistant does not respond do you want to close it” popup.

It was working before, I think the issue started with version 2.x of the app.
Anyone with similar issue and know how to fix it?

Can you grab the ADB crash log from the device? If so open an issue with the log on github so we can see whats causing the error.

Sure I´ll try.
I was expecting to have a /data/anr/ folder but I don´t.
So I need to investigate a bit.

Just did a factory restore of one of the tablets so it´s fresh, still same issue :frowning:

In order to help out we need the crash log from ADB logcat. What version did you upgrade from?