Hass blew up today... Missing network manager? can't update core or or supervisor


Trying to update core and get the following error:

Logger: homeassistant.components.hassio

Source: components/hassio/websocket_api.py:109

Integration: Home Assistant Supervisor (documentation, issues)

First occurred: 7:22:56 PM (1 occurrences)

Last logged: 7:22:56 PM

Failed to to call /core/update - 'HomeAssistantCore.update' blocked from execution, system is not healthy

The issue it says I have is:
“You are running an unsupported installation, please check the list of issues found with your installation” and provides a link which takes me to: Network Manager - Home Assistant

What other info can I provide? This is a VM image I deployed and has been working quite well for a very long time.

Try reloading the supervisor. Also check the supervisor logs

No amount of reloads or checks worked. After some CLI work to try and update the supervisor or the core, it got to a point where it wouldn’t fully boot and was completely hosed.

If you’re running a VM just spin up a new VM and restore your backup.

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It’s so hosed I can’t log in to grab the backup. I still have the image if anyone knows where the backups are located in that image, it would be appreciated

You are running hassio on RPI? Also, it seems that supervisor got a problem with some docker containers. Did you install any container that can cause this? Maybe watchtower?

I’m running the qcow2 image on my unraid server. No other dockers running on it. Not sure what watchtower is, so I don’t think I have that!

Since you are on VM… it better to grab the latest backup and recreate the VM and restore?

On supervised version usually its save on /usr/share/hassio/backup
but not sure on yours

Your backups are probaly here: /usr/share/hassio/backup inside your virtual machine.

I guess, you will need to mount the qcow2 (see qcow2 mount examples) and grab your backups.


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Thanks. I can crack the image open. I did have some kinda complex automations I’d like to get back.

Thanks for the help everyone. I’ll keep a backup handy from now on!