HASS Bridge 8C6845

Have been playing around with HA and have installed it both as a container under a Ubuntu/Docker/Portainer install and as a standalone VM under Proxmox to see which would be a better use case.

Not sure what I want to do with it all but I find HA interesting to play around. One item of note is that it has given me the nice feature of having a dashboard of devices on my network that HA can control to a certain degree that I didn’t know was possible, as well as just informative in that I can see pihole stats from both of my piholes and IPP stats for my printer etc.

At any rate, HACS got installed into both of the home assistant’s I have to get the my Apple TV running to see what I can do with it using HA.

The containerized HA sees the ATV and was able to set it up after install the ATV Beta software via HACS.
Have not bothered yet with the VM.

Thing is I also have HASS Bridge 8C6845 that has suddenly showed up as a HomeKit Controller. As far as I’m aware I have no homekit devices in my network at all. I don’t even have a wifi enabled light bulb in the network and I already have a HASS Bridge HomeKit device in my integrations.

The last bulb I had was setup using google home mini and I noticed was talking to an addresses in .CN and thought that was weird. So I set the pihole’s to block access to those addresses (there were 2 or 3) and the bulb stopped working. Even a factory reset would not make that bulb do any sort of auto routine at all. It became a manual light bulb in the lamp not connected to any wifi.

This led me to Home assistant as from what I read you can control things without the need of setting up cloud accounts for all the devices etc.

So HA is seeing a device on my network as a HASS Bridge 8C6845, Homekit controller but I have no idea what it is or how to ID the device.

Is it possible to figure out what this device is? When I go to set it up it wants the Homekit pairing code so something on the network is broadcasting as a homekit controller and wants to pair but I have no idea what it might be.

Thanks for any clue.

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