Hass command not foud

Yes I know there are a lot of articles in Google and here, but no real solution. I installed **Home Assistant Supervised on a new installed DEBIAN 11 without GUI following this https://peyanski.com/how-to-install-home-assistant-supervised-official-way/ tutorial.
So far so fine, Homeassistant is running I can it access via the browser at port 8123 and can access the server via ssh as user and as root.
But how the hell i can start the hass command i.e. to check scripts before restarting HASS.
Im am googeling and searching now for hours.
beside this test installation I have a productive installation on a dedicated DEBIAN 10 running fine too where i can run thing with automation, can switch all my lights, get information from my weatherstation etc. But there too hass brings me command not found. I think I remember that worked before month.
everthing is on latest release

Can anyone help me please

Never heard of a hass command. Is it the ‘ha’ command you are thinking of ?

The ha command exist but I can not find anything to check my config

the hass command is from here

Thanks for quick response

The command exists inside the HA container, or in a Core (i.e. venv) installation.

Any reason to not use the GUI?

Do you mean the GUI of the hi host. Host has no GUI.

Or do you mean a GUI accessable within the website?

The HA webui, that one

  • i have python 3.4 installed and i installed using command pip3 install homeassistant but hass --open-ui does not work.

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HA requires python 3.9 or python 3.10