Hass: command not found

Ran pip3 install homeassistant on mac and when running hass --open-ui I keep getting hass: command not found

Am thinking it has something to do with permissions/path but not sure exactly what to do to be able to run hass.

Any help is much appreciated!

Figured it out… needed to add to path. Thx

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Hey, know this is a bit old but ran into the same problem.
Slightly new to this so was hoping if you had time for an explanation of how you resolved this.

Have you seen this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hej6ipN86ls ?

Yeah that’s actually part of where I get stuck.
I relieve the error message of hass command not found.

This is where i guess I only know enough to be dangerous…
From what I think I know, the location of my python3 installation doesn’t have the right path variable set to use the hass command.

Looks like OP was in the same boat and figured how to fix path to that.
Apologizes for the noob ness of all these questions/explations any/alll assistance is appreciated!

Alright, Fealing good and dumb now but hey it was late when I was doing this!

A restart like my friend in this post did the trick, you’d think it would have been my first thing to done, Dope!

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how did you do that? sorry total noob here and i’m having the same problem

Hi, I coped with it command: export PATH=/home/homeassistant/.local/bin