OSX Installation - Command Not Found

Hi -
I am trying to get the install of Home Assistant completed on OS X Yosemite, but after successfully using

pip3 install homeassistant

I receive the following error message:

bash: hass: command not found

when trying to open the configuration UI with

hass --open-ui

Can someone help tell me what I might be doing wrong or if I am missing any packages that need to be installed prior to running either of the commands.

I am running Python 3.5.2

Thanks for any help you can offer!

I figured it out. For some reason, a restart got it working.

I just ran into the same thing. But you don’t need to restart your Mac — simply opening a new Terminal window works just as well.

I appear to be having eth same issue, I installed the latest available version of Python, I run eth install and then when I try and run it, it says command not found.

I assume it’s not in the path but not sure where it installs to be able to test?

Anybody else still having this issue while trying to install and run Home assistant?