Hass coredump triggering if starts home assistant in openwrt

Dear Team ,
I am integrating home assistant package in my product which is running with openwrt .
Using below github link:

after running [ha_install.sh] (https://github.com/openlumi/homeassistant_on_openwrt/blob/330ed8733af61731b7b95175ec19c12468ffa6e5/ha_install.sh) all the required packages are installed in my router .

Once I start the homeassistant , core dump is triggering.

root@Boost25-03e8:~# /etc/init.d/homeassistant start
Command failed: Not found
root@Boost25-03e8:~# ps | grep hass
31263 root 84888 S {hass} /usr/bin/python3 /usr/bin/hass --config /etc/homeassistant --log-file /var/log/home-assistant.log --log-rotate-days 3
31530 root 3144 S /bin/sh /sbin/core-handler hass.31263.11.1693990482.core 31263
31621 root 3144 R grep hass
root@Boost25-03e8:~# ls
ha_frontend_url healthcheck hsfrontend
hass.31263.11.1693990482.core.gz hs_install.sh log

Could you please help to fix this issue.