Hass devices -> TO -> SMARTTHINGS

Hello world…
Bored with unfinished solutions. anyway i am just asking the following simple question :frowning:

Is it possible to bring home assistant any devices to SMARTTHINGS.
If yes, can you point me to a tuto ?

Yes there is. You can do it using the new SmartThings direct-connected devices API. It takes some work to get your Pi set up to do it, but once you’re configured, it’s fairly easy to create device applications that integrate with SmartThings. I’ve created a package to do just that on a Pi, and am looking for some early users to help shake it out, so let me know if you are interested. You’ll need a SmartThings developer account and Github account, and ability to write C code to create your device applications. One of my todo’s is to create an API wrapper for Python-based apps.

It’s also possible using Emulated Hue. Add the bulbs/switches to Emulated Hue, and then simply pair that Hue bridge with SmartThings. Works pretty well for me.