Hass difficulty

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I recently installed Home Assistant by writing the image on a Raspberry Pi 4 and its working well.

I installed SSH and when I try to run hass, i have been unable to. Specifically I would like to run ‘hass --script check_config’ to check a my configuration script but I get - ‘bash: hass: command not found’

When I go to the /srv directory it is empty so I am unable to set the hass directory. I tried searching for hass, but it is not found.

Googling revealed information about activating the virtual environment using ‘source /srv/hass/hass_venv/bin/activate’. That gives ‘No such file or directory’.

I am at a loss as to what I am doing wrong.



That statement implies you used the Home Assistant OS installation method

That information is for the Home Assistant Core installation method.

Based on the information in this link, can you let me know which installation method you used? It’s possible that you installed it one way (Home Assistant OS) but attempting to follow instructions intended for another way (Home Assistant Core).


I used the Home Assistant OS installation method.

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Then none of the commands you mentioned apply to it. They are for Home Assistant Core.

If you want to check the configuration via the command-line, you can use this:
ha core check

The configuration files are in:

Thanks for the help!


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You’re welcome!

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