HASS for microcontrollers

I am working on a number of micropython projects using micro-controllers (nodeMCU, particle, pycom) to send sensor data to HASS using MQTT. Another approach would be to use request and post data to the HASS API. However I am interested in https://home-assistant.io/developers/multiple_instances/ and running these microcontrollers as HASS instances that can directly link to my main HASS instance. Presumably these boards couldn’t run fulll HASS but I am interested to know if they could be configured to appear as HASS instances that would conform to the master-slave requirements of HASS? A micropython package could be produced to standardise the emulation

Perhaps this helps:

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Awesome. Cant see it in https://home-assistant.io/docs/ ? Perhaps we could add a micropython integrations section to the docs?

Since it is developer focused I think you are intended to find it at https://github.com/home-assistant however it isn’t pinned, you have to scroll down and it is on page two.

I would be interested in it for sure as I am currently planning some esp8266 based sensors running espeasy (https://www.letscontrolit.com/) but a native HASS option might be even better.


I tend to think that for the class of device you are thinking about, that MQTT is a better implementation than trying to force a complete HA into a small footprint.

That’s what I am currently doing, and you are probably right.
This could be academic, since with pi zero W support for HA I’m not sure I will have much need for micro-controllers :slight_smile: