Hass goes dark externally

I’m running homeassistant on a RP3 running retropie, so have the retropie UI running side by side with Hass. I have web maker from IFTTT configured to connect to it via default port with port forwarding enabled and all works fine at first startup and for some time after. The pi is not heavily used in general, the automation I use it for is to control my home theater system via a Broadlink IR transmitter.

Eventually, though, a day or so, I lose the ability to receive external connections. I’ve tested accessing the web page externally and again, it works for a while after first startup, but page becomes inaccessible. When this happens, I can still access it internally. It comes back up externally after reboot.

I might just buy a pi nano and install hassbian on it, move my config to that and leave it connected to my router via Ethernet, but am a little apprehensive that I’ll have the same issues. Any suggestions on how I can get to the bottom of this?

I wonder if you are seeing some type of a session timeout. Hass itself doesn’t know or care where you are coming from. You are just a local address to it, it doesn’t know if you are natted or not. I’m wondering though if your router is seeing your connection as staying open somehow, or if your external system is holding onto a session. Have you tried clearing your cache on your remote machine when it goes dark like that?