HASS GUI Not responding - Docker on Pi (with Pihole)

I took a long time setting up HASS via docker on my Pihole and it was working fine. Life took over and now its several months later and I want to continue the project but the GUI isn’t up. It appears to still be running…

cat /usr/share/hassio/homeassistant/home-assistant.log

Doesn’t show anything obvious, just Spotify token errors from an integration I setup.

Is there a way to force an update or troubleshoot the docker container? I’m pretty new to Docker.

Where do I start looking? I have rebooted the Pi, done an apt get & update on the host OS. I’m not really sure whether I also need to log into the container and do the same.

Edit: Have tried the firewall steps in Troubleshooting installation problems - Home Assistant

sudo docker restart homeassistant

…fixed it. Guess it needed to be initialised somehow and a Pi reboot wasn’t good enough.