Hass.io 64 or 32 bit for Pi 3 B+

Good evening. I’m a first time user for HASS. I have a Pi 3 B+.

The instructions here https://www.home-assistant.io/hassio/installation/ say 32 bit is recommended but a couple of paragraphs down it says:
“Load the appliance image into your virtual machine software. Choose 64-bit Linux and UEFI boot.”

So is it 32 bit or 64?

I installed the 32 bit version but making connecting the network is proving much more difficult than I expected. hass.io isn’t the user friendly experience I’d hoped for. Am I better off installing linux and using package manager to install it?

HassOS 32 bit image is recommended for the Pi3B. The other part is for a Virtual Machine. The 64bit imaage for the Pi doesn’t support some addons so 32bit is recommended. Also a Pi doesn’t have the RAM to even take advantage of a 64bit O/S.


Thanks David. Merry Christmas

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I’ve a Pi4 (4GB) and tried 32-bit version but there are several add-ons that are not supported (Visual Studio Code and AppDaemon to name a few). So installed 64-bit version and it seems to have better add-on options.



That´s what I based my decision to go with the 64 bit image, too. Even I can not use more RAM because it´s a Pi 3 B+. Could not find any warnings on the 64 bit usage next to missing GPIO support.

Were you able to get the 64 bit running stable in the Pi 3B+? I had it running the 32 bits image without problems. However, the most important addon that I was using stopped supporting 32 bits, so I upgraded to 64 bits. However, it only runs for a few hours before the Pi3B+ freezes.
Originally I suspected the SD Card (I was using another micro SD card), but then I copied it to the card that I was using with the 32 bits image and the problem continued.

There was a BIG GitHub issue (and probably still is, lost track of it) on these frequent lockups/hiccups/freezes.

I kicked the Pi3B+ for a Pi 4 which is running very smooth even still on SD card only, of course 64 Bit. Best decision as I spent WEEKS trying to get the Pi3B+ to run stable.