Hass.io Add-on: room-assistant

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Hey all,

version 1.0 of room-assistant is finally out! :tada: And with it comes support for Hassio. I hope you’ll find it useful - if you run into issues either let me know here or create a new ticket on GitHub.

Find all the details on the GitHub page: https://github.com/mKeRix/room-assistant

What is room-assistant?

room-assistant is a simple Node.js server for tracking presence and other things on a per-room basis. You can use it to track Bluetooth beacons moving around your house together with the mqtt_room component, or to get GPIO or shell command output from other hosts into Home Assistant.

It is the ideal little helper for bringing your automations down to a room by room level!

Running room-assistant

You can run room-assistant on every machine that supports NodeJS or Docker - this includes all Raspberry Pis. We provide detailed instruction for running it directly with NodeJS, Docker and Hassio on GitHub.


Can i put this on a raspberry pi w? How does it detect and how fast does it respond?


Yes, you can! In theory anything that can run Node.js can also run room-assistant. Only thing you need to watch out for is making sure to install a current version of Node on the Pi W, there are a few guides online on how to get this done.

Detection can be done in multiple ways… e.g. I use PIR motion sensors via GPIO and bluetooth beacons at my home currently, but am in the process of trying D6T thermal sensors as replacement for carrying beacons. Really depends on what exactly what you want to achieve. Reaction speed depends on what you configure, for Bluetooth you can calculate with about a second for most setups (but can be quicker), PIR and D6T should be under a second.


warning wanring…incoming NOOB alert. :smiley:
okay so I have hassio addon installed. up and running.
I have a sensor setup in my config

  • platform: mqtt_room
    device_id: Living_room
    away_timeout: 30
    name: “Living_Room_Presence”

now the next question… how do I figure out what devices are in the living room. for example I always have my iphone on me or my garmin watch. do I need to do something to them to get them to send data to the room?. will they show up as a sensor in the system?

my addon config is as follows

“services”: [
“room”: “living-room”,
“mqtt”: {
“url”: “mqtt://”,
“username”: “Admin”,
“password”: “XXXXX!”,
“rejectUnauthorized”: true
“ble”: {
“channel”: “room_presence”,
“useAddress”: false,
“whitelist”: [],
“maxDistance”: 10,
“updateFrequency”: 0,
“processIBeacon”: true,
“onlyIBeacon”: false,
“majorMask”: “0xFFFF”,
“minorMask”: “0xFFFF”
“gpio”: [],
“shell”: [],
“autoDiscovery”: true



If this could work on an ESP32 it would be ace, plus the esp32 has BT and wifi plus a whole ton of gpio.

Just an idea.


agreed. then i could buy a heap of them :slight_smile: