Hass.io Add-on: TasUI - Tasmota discovery and management


TasUI is a zero-install device management interface web application for all your Tasmota devices.
It will discover your deployed devices and allow you to set up and configure every device from a single dashboard.
This initial version includes multiple views (Control, Health, Firmware, Wi-Fi, & MQTT) to allow you to quickly assess the state of your devices. There is also a detailed view (e.g., SetOptions, Status, etc.) available.

TasUI provides a syntax-aware command interface for every Tasmota command by category (e.g., Configuration, Timers, Sensors, Lights, etc.) as well as the “familiar” Console interface to enter commands directly. This is a beta version (i.e., we expect you to find some unexpected features).

TasUI is now available as a Home Assistant addon and Docker containeror now)!

The amd64 , arm32v7 , arm64v8 , and i386 architectures are currently supported. No configuration is required. The Home Assistant addon can be installed by adding the repository https://github.com/iotreboot/TasUI to the addons list. The addon will be automatically updated when a new TasUI version is available. As for now, TasUI can’t work with Ingress or over https.

If you prefer to use TasUI directly from a Docker container, use the following commands:

  docker pull iotreboot/tasui:latest
  docker run -p [PORT]:80 iotreboot/tasui:latest

Replace [PORT] with your preferred port. For example:

  docker run -p 8199:80 iotreboot/tasui:latest

Then, to run TasUI from the container, open a browser with http://localhost:[PORT] or http://[IP]:[PORT].

You can also invoke TasUI via http://tasui.shantur.com/. The JavaScript is loaded to the browser from this web server but all traffic and access to your Tasmota devices is local. None of your device information leaves your network.


Please report any issues via the TasUI GitHub.

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Curious how this differs from something like tasmo admin?

More “light” in term of resources than TasmoAdmin (and I consider it a very good piece of software).
We already have all Tasmota command on GUI and internal Console to manage a device without leaving TasUI screen.
More features soon focused on Hass.io and OpenHab, like the config generator.
Give it a spin without install it on http://tasui.shantur.com and you’ll see.

Just tried the website. It crashed my mosquitto.

TasUI doesn’t use mqtt but if you think is related in some way feel free to open an issue on github, thanks.

Just start testting it, feels Nice! Scan is a bit slow

i absolutly love it.
Would be nice tho to have a firmware update fonction or multiple firmware update at the same time.