Hass.io Add-on: Xbox One

Is anyone’s Xbox media player entity displaying game cover art of the currently playing game in Home Assistant? This used to work in the custom component/HA add-on but hasn’t worked for me in the official component. Interestingly enough I can browse through the media browser and see the cover art of all my recent Xbox apps and games, but nothing is showing on the media player entity itself.

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Not working for me either. That’s sad as I had automation based on what game was playing.

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I was having issues and deleted the Xbox integration and reinstalled, however now I only get the remote.xbox_remote per Xbox, which all report unavailable, and no longer have the media_player.xbox entities.

Submitted a ticket here https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/46255

I have the exact same issue as @snook
Integration added successfully, but no media player and the remote entity is unavailable. The remote became available as soon as I unticked Facebook from the Linked accounts from the Xbox app. But media player entity is still not available

Need to login in the Xbox app and connect to console. Can happen after app update

Just in case you’ve also got a Logitech harmony remote integration - I’ve had a go at attempting this blueprint automations you wish to try - Harmony and Xbox Enhancers


Did you ever get this working. I was looking to change some light colors based on what is playing, but unfortunatly, It does not show what is playing for me. just on/off

Yep, was working before the update, and that was really cool and was working fast.
Now I use a player sensor and attribute “XboxOne Full” but that is a real bug pain when there are more users of the box. Also sometimes it does not see that player left the game.

In past I had a template sensor for what is playing it still works for some apps:

    # Xbox one source sensor  media_player.xboxone  source --> media_title: Spotify | Xbox 
  - platform: template
        friendly_name: 'Xbox One Source'
        value_template: >-
          {% if is_state('media_player.xboxone', 'off') %}
          {% else %}
            {{ states.media_player.xboxone.attributes["media_title"] }}
          {% endif %} 

Anyone using the native Xbox integration to launch apps? I’d like to be able to launch Plex. According to the docs, I need to get its product_id by launching it from Media Browser. However, it only shows games in there and not apps.

Am I doing something wrong?

Can’t remember off the top of my head how I got the product_id, but I use the native integration to launch the rewards app on startup, and it’s been really reliable. I’ll look into it again when I get a chance

@flyize ok so you can find the product Id under Manage App → File info. Just downloaded the Plex app and it shows 9NBLGGH3ZZVF

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Thank you!

Is UPnP the only way to instantly detect if the Xbox on? UPnP sucks and have it off on my router.

edit: It seems that the UI doesn’t immediately update, but Node Red is immediately triggered once it turns on. No UPnP required.


Good day. I am having trouble. I want to integrate my 2 son’s XBOX 1S consoles into HAOS Server. There are so, sooo many pages to this topic, so many things on the www. I tried some of it, I cannot get this to work.

Please help?

@casperj there is one page that describes integration from A to Z:
Xbox - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)
If you follow up steps there you will get it working.

This card uses, xapi and xbl api.

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@Leonardons How you did it. What’s that card?

Was made with “custom:button-card”, and I used two api’s for the data!

Nice one, if that is not complicated I would be more than happy if you can share recipe how to cook it.

Get ID with XBL API https://xbl.io/ 500 Requests per hour for free

  • platform: rest
    name: xbox_game_id_xbl
    resource_template: https://xbl.io/api/v2/2533274927773646/presence
    method: GET
    json_attributes_path: $[0][‘devices’][0][‘titles’][1]
    - “id”
    - “name”
    value_template: ‘{{ value_json[0][“devices”][0][“titles”][1][“id”] }}’

Get image with xapi API https://xapi.us/ 60 Requests per hour for free

  • platform: rest
    name: xbox_game_logo_xbl
    resource_template: https://xbl.io/api/v2/achievements/stats/{{ states(‘sensor.xbox_game_id_xbl’) }}
    method: GET
    json_attributes_path: $[‘titles’][0]
    - displayImage
    - devices
    - name
    - achievement
    - titleHistory
    value_template: ‘{{ value_json[“titles”][0][“achievement”][“progressPercentage”] }}’