Hass.io Add-ons sensor

Has anybody found or come up with a way of adding sensors into HA that reports on add-ons?

My initial interest is in a sensor that shows the number of add-ons with updates so I can add an automation to alert me when they become available

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@DavidFW1960 it sounds like he’s looking for Hass.io add-ons, not custom components.

@bacco007 I think this is actually more along the lines of what you’re looking for:

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It sounds like he wants something that tells him if there are any available updates and the linked component does exactly that for Hass.io and any other HA variety as well.

Sorry, I should have been clearer in the title - I’m interested in the Hass.io add-ons (I’d selected the hass.io forum, but should have explicitly put it in the title)

I’ve been moving my custom_updater related stuff over to HACS and have something setup to alert for custom integrations or cards but haven’t come across anything for the add-ons

Thanks @apop I’ll have a look at that thread tonight

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I get that HACS is a newish offering - but how many people are unaware that it actually exists? I only found out about it by accident reading another thread - I haven’t seen a thread here discussing it either.

Ah my mistake not yours. I just yuse the Hassio panel to check for updates but that’s not foolproof either… Good idea. HACS just introduced a sensor for this so that would be great to have for addons as well.

Hi there,

Has anyone found a solution for this? Are there any sensor entities for Hass.io Addons (DuckDNS, etc.)?



I would like it too to get sensor for hassio addon.
Any news/solution on this?

It’s finally here :wink:


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Hi gdesfeux can you share the code?

Sure, I have created some custom template for this sensor based on the version available vs version installed.

- platform: template
      value_template: >-
        {% if states('sensor.home_assistant_core_version') == states('sensor.home_assistant_core_newest_version') %}
          Installed ({{ states('sensor.home_assistant_core_version') }})
        {% else %}
          Available ({{ states('sensor.home_assistant_core_newest_version') }})
        {% endif %}

You can then use it in an Entity block.