Hass.io addon esphomeyaml not starting (raspberry pi zero w)

I’m a new user to Home Assistant, and am using hass.io on a Raspberry Pi zero W.

I have installed zigbee2mqtt and Mosquitto and am running some Xiaomi sensors successfully (after much faffing around).

The next step is to get started with esp8266 and I want to use esphomelib via the esphomeyaml addon for Hass.io. I’ve installed it by adding the repository by @OttoWinter (https://github.com/OttoWinter/esphomeyaml) to the addon store. I’m using the “stable” version (1.9.3).

Unfortunately I am unable to get it to start. I tried setting a password, but still no luck. There are no logs on the addon page, and the system log shows the docker container is running, but that’s it.

I have tried searching for people encountering this issue but so far no luck. It could be that I am looking for the wrong thing, so if anyone is able to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it!