Hass.io and accessing the rtsp feed from 4G/LTE or different WiFi

I’ve noticed that hass.io performance is poor when it comes to accessing the rtsp stream (camera entity) from outside the local network.
I tried several times to view the camera stream through Home Assistant.app (ios) or web browser when in LTE/4G or in a random cafe wifi and it just shows one frame and that’s it whereas accessing the camera through its native app (for instance foscam or wyzecam) the stream works just fine.

So… is it just me ?

Hello @filippos!

Did you find a solution for your problem? Could you share it with us please?


From my experience, the performance depends on the quality of the network.
In my case my home adsl speed is poor and that’s why im experiencing limited continuity on the video stream or just one frame if not at all when im trying to access the stream from the outside.

Over time and updates, hassio team has significantly improved the camera implementation.
The only thing that’s missing is native webRTC without plugins.