Hass.io and iFrame pages auto-refreshing

So I’ve got Hass.io set up on a VM, a few add-ons installed (most notably Node-Red) and i’ve added a panel iframe for it. Everything seems to be in order except that when I have either the Hass.io page or my Node-Red iframe open, they seem to auto-refresh every 30 seconds or so. Is this normal behavior? When this happens I lose whatever I’m working on in Node-Red unless I’ve saved it, and it’s become a bit of a pain.


I’m facing the same issue with Hassio set-up in a VM and behind a reverse proxy with SSL : Hassio and Node-RED panels keep refreshing randomly every 10s to 60s… I’m using Chrome and I can see an error in the developper console realted to ‘workbox-core’ :

That’s pretty annoying, however I’ve noticed that when using the browser in Private Mode, the problem seems to disapear and the error does not show up in the console.


fouram or Frixx any of you got a solution for the problem i am experiencing the same at the moment

Same issue here.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having this issue ever since the changes to integrate the nodered, etc… into the sidebar from the setting button instead of the configuration of a plugin.

I’m amazed there hasn’t been more people on here talking about it, unless it is an isolated issue.


I was able to solve the problem on my config. The issue was that I’m using HAProxy in front of the server and it was doing a timeout on the websocket connection every 60s.

If you are also using HAProxy, take a look at this post from @Tom5ive to get the solution to the problem : Lovelace - refreshes/refocusses page frequently?

Someone gave me an answer here: Framed pages (Node-RED, etc) reload after a short time of no focus · Issue #9579 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub