Hass.io and Node-RED - quick question about

I’ve seen a few posts about combining Hass.io with Node-RED, and watched various youtube vids about it and I’m aware of the notoriousbdg plugin.

My question is a bit different though:

I currently use Node-RED (not HA) for all my home automation, but I’m really keen to hook up HA to do some of the “heavy lifting”. Right now I have installed HA on the same server using pip3, but moving forwards I want something a bit more maintenance-free.

Are there any major limitations to using Node-RED within hassio?

For example, I’d need to set up a socat service to connect to a COM port on another IP address, where my RFXTrx and Z-Wave stick are installed, which I guess is a reasonably advanced requirement. (Or not…?)

Second example: when I installed Node-RED on a Windows server to start with, I hit some problems with some Node-RED addons not working straight away, so I quickly installed Linux and I’ve had no major problems so far in that area. So I felt that NR on Windows was a bad idea. Am I likely to encounter similar issues with NR working “within” hassio?

I’m not hugely familiar with hassio so correct me if I’m wrong about anything here.

I could probably just try it and see, but wanted to check here first…