Hass.IO and TaHoma


I have installed Hass.Io on an RPi 3 and have started adding components. My Hue Lights, Sonos and Chromcast were automatically found by Hass.IO but not my TaHoma.

Thought it would just be adding:

exclude: [BridgeHUEComponent, HueLampHUEComponent, PodComponent]

in configuiration.yaml but nothing happens when i do this.

What am I doing wrong?

Hope someone can help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

Is it in the correct format?

I copy/paste from that link and canged the username and password to mine.

I´m a totalt newbie so what do you mean with the “correct format”

As per the thread. YAML is VERY picky about spacing

Ok, as I said I just copy/paste it and changed the username och password but I will take a look att the spacing when I get a chans!