Hass.io broken after last update

Good evening. I have massive problems with the last update. Config should be okay according to the checking plugin. But after the upgrade I always get a “connection refused”. Device (raspberry 3) is pingable but the webservice doesn’t start.

I even tried a fresh installation on a new SD card with the snapshot from before the crash and… after reboot the same problem. So I have no opportunity to check what is wrong, because I can’t get to any log-file.

How can I catch that damn error?

Thanks for help.

Do you have an ip_bans.yaml - sounds like you locked yourself out - that’s usually what refused means.

No, I don’t have such a file. This has to be a problem with the configuration.yaml itself. The new one of the fresh installation has no homeassistant tree. I now try to fix the configuration step by step. But I don’t understand why the config tester did not found a problem here.

I collated my config from scratch now (hours of work). Several problems encountered:

  • hostnames no longer get resolved from hassio in my network. This leads to timeouts on recorder and camera plugins. I switched all connections to IP-address now and it works.
  • the upgrade “destroyed” my ZWave setup with directly plugged in USB-Stick on Raspberry Pi. Fortunately I just had only one device connected over ZWave yet.

Unlike all the other upgrades before this wasn’t really smooth…