Hass.io (docker) and BLE on NUC - not working

I recently moved my setup from Hassbian on RPi to Hass.io on NUC (NUC6CAYH) with docker installation. OS is Ubuntu.
Everything works smooth, I’m very happy with it, but my BLE device tracker.
Standard BT works, BLE does not. I can scan for the LE devices in terminal but somehow HA do not see them.
Sometime devices are detected for few minutes after a reboot, they they go in a “not_home” state forever.

I see several thread around the forum and on reddit but they’re pretty old and they do not have solutions.

Anyhone can help pointing me in the right direction?



Hi. Same thing here. Devices are detected after reboot, but after couple of minutes they are lost.
I am on nuc 5ppyh with hass.io on hass.os

I gave it up, I set-up an old RPi3 with nodered being used as scanner and passing info through MQTT.
It works nice, however I keep wondering where the issue is. Is it Hassio? the NUC?
Anyonw knows?


odly… to dredge up and old thread - I also had some issues also with the internal BT adapter on the nuc, which sounds similar, devices, dropping in/out, etc.

I bought an external BT device from amazon just over a week ago, and haven’t had any issues yet, so I can only put it down to something going on with the internal BT module or the linux drivers.