Hass.io does not start anymore - no space left on device?!?!


I have a huge problem. Suddenly my HassOS does not start anymore. Unfortunately I can not even login as root:

Is there any way I can resuscitate my installation? At least I need all my config files… :frowning:

PS: It seems that HassOS supervisor does not start at all.

THX a lot!

If it is the case and it is an SD card or something, I used some software on windows to get the config files, but it is on my other pc and i dont know what it is called. I think if you use your drive on Linux it can already read it or something. For now try this https://www.howtogeek.com/112888/3-ways-to-access-your-linux-partitions-from-windows/

It’s a VM running within Proxmox. Is there really no other way to fix this?

Resize your disk in proxmox

First hit on google :

That does not help since I have to resize the file system (resize2fs in the guest). To do that I have to log in which I can’t…

For anyone else having this issue, here’s how I solved it. (Running HassOs as a Virtual Machine on VMWare ESXi).

  1. Extend the disk in VMWare (or whatever Hypervisor you are running)
  2. Download a live CD containing Gparted. (Gparted has a live CD you can use)
  3. Boot up your HassOs-VM with the Live CD. Launch Gparted and extend the Hassio Data-partition.
  4. Restart the VM and dismount the Live CD, so that the VM boots up from the default disk.
  5. You should now be able to login.