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Hi Guys,

I need some advice. I have Nodemcu with EspEasy. I’ve made simply DHT22 setup. I can send data to Thingseak without any problem. For some reason I can’t get anything shown in HA. Below are some screenshots from my setup. Any ideas how to get temperature shown in HA?



Check HA is receiving the Mqtt through your command line
Sudo mosquitto_sub -u user -P passwd -t ESP01/# -v

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recently and after update HA, from 0.56.2 to 0.65.5 my mqtt desn’t work too, so maybe i think that something change in configuration.

So I get this error.

Error: Address not available

are you running mosquitto broker?

Yes I’am using mosquitto.
In mosquitto log I see this:
1522091077: New connection from on port 1883.
1522091077: New client connected from as 3aI1TN1ajA6FLMCCNc4ViG (c1, k60, u’toki’).

so you are connected. try
mosquitto_sub -u user -P passwd -t ESP01/# -v

without sudo

Unfortunately I’m still getting same answer.
Error: Address not available

youre broker and HA in the same device.
and you’re sshed into that device?

Yes, broker and HA in the same device.
SSH in that device.5

It anyways seems to work somehow :slight_smile:
Here is screenshot of Hass.io add on log. There seems to be some “Socket error”. What ever it means?

Hi @juan11perez,

I had a wrong IP :slight_smile:
Thanks for your time and support!

Didn’t really help much, but I’m glad you fixed it.

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