Hass.io /etc/hosts file

Looking for some help. I have a different network issue where I am using Let’sEncrypt in conjunction with portmap.io and OpenVPN to create an external connection for my Hass.io install of HA. In order for all of the certificates to work cleanly I changed the configuration of the hostname in the yaml file, and the port to match the external port. That all worked, but then I need my dns entries on my network to give the local address instead of the external address. So I installed pi-hole, and while that seemed to work fine (I used pi-hole as the DNS server for my network), once I had a reboot I started having issues with the cloud integration. In researching, I realized I shouldn’t use pi-hole on hass.io as the dns server for hass.io, so I manually assigned an ipaddress to my hass.io and used an external DNS server for it. So now the cloud integration is working properly, but hass.io seems to talk to my external address when flipping between components like the configurator.

So my question is: How can I edit the /etc/hosts file either at the resinOS level (Ideally) or in the hassio?

I have looked and I don’t see anything on this.

Thanks in advance for the help.

If you have configurator in an iFrame there’s not much way around that. Otherwise using http://local-ip:port should work ok still… (note not https)