Hass.io Features proposal


I’m thinking about to use one usb hdd for root drive with my Pi instead to use the normal micro sd for storage.

I use in my custom home-assistant installation on raspinan that adafruit guide:

That is based on that

What do you think to include that on the new hass.io image?

So if I want I can use my external usb drive ad root filesystem storage that was more efficient that the micro sd.

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This would be nice to have.

ok, after holidays return I’ll take a look how to get this on resin-os base


Have you made any progress on the external drive option??

Has there been any progress to the use of an external hard drive for HASSIO?
I have hassio on my pi3, installed in a Geekworm case with a SDD. I can not get the pi to see the hard drive to be able to use it as a boot from. If I connect the hard drive to my other pi3 that has the all in on installer on it with raspbian I can use dmesg and see the hard drive. Can you help?

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Bump? Updates?

I’ve heard nothing new and don’t know how to bump.