Hass.io, git and bitbucket

I’m moving from a docker on a synology nas to a RP3. I’ve just started using bitbucket to maintain my yaml files and I was hoping that the move to new hardware would be a breeze, but I’m having trouble even setting it up.
git doesn’t seem to come with hassio, neither does apt-get.
I’m unable to stop Hass, so that I can erase the config folder and clone it through sourcetree. Files just pop up again.

Does anyone have a best practice solution for integration with bitbucket?

Came here to ask the same thing.

Why have you move from synology to RP3? I’m interested in hearing your opinion

I didn’t like the amount of linux work I had to do on the nas.
It felt safer to have a separate machine to work on.

Umm, I don’t understand your answer. In RP3, you have to install a linux version too. Did you install it manually or via docker image or similar?

Thanks for your response.

The OP states it is HASSIO, which means they just used the HASSIO image.

Sorry for my late replies.
I just meant that when fiddling with homeassistant I tend to perform linux operations which I’m not too confident about. Fiddling with linux on the nas might have some dire consequences. Therefore it feels better to do it on a separate rp3 which I can just nuke if I make a mess.